"The X"

Due to an increase of vehicular and pedestrian traffic along Sumner Avenue, Belmont Avenue, and Dickinson Street in the Forest Park section of the City of Springfield, delays, safety, and connectivity have become a major concern for residents, school-age children, motorists, and business owners.  Enhancing the integration and connectivity of the transportation system in this area is an important component in developing an efficient network that appropriately accommodates various modes of transportation.  A fully integrated and connected multi-modal transportation system is important for maintaining the quality of the life of residents and workers, as well as a vibrant economy.  Access management strategies area also key in improving safety and efficiency by balancing the mobility and access needs of roadway users and enhance safe and efficient property access.

As part of the traffic engineering and transportation planning efforts for the “X” planning study, a number of improvement concepts have been developed to include intersections, roadways, streetscapes, and non-motorized modes of transportation.  The improvements have been designed in accordance with the Massachusetts Green Department of Transportation (GreenDOT) Policy Initiative in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, promote healthy transportation alternatives (e.g. walking, cycling, and public transit), and support Smart Growth Development.  In addition, the improvements have been developed with a Complete Streets approach to provide safe and appropriate accommodations for different roadways user (i.e. motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users).

Conceptual Traffic Pattern Plan

"X" Planning Study

"X" Rendering

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