About the Fraud Hotline

Financial Accountability is a top priority for the City of Springfield, Massachusetts. With this goal in mind, the Office of Internal Audit has created a fraud hotline that can be used to report information about fraud, waste or abuse of resources related to or involving City personnel, resources, or operations. 

If you have information regarding known or suspected misuses of municipal funds or resources, we encourage you to report what you know to the City’s Office of Internal Audit. You may submit your concerns or findings in one of three ways:

  1. Complete a Fraud Information Report online or

  2. Leave a recorded voicemail message on the fraud hotline at (413) 886-5125. This hotline is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week or

  3. Send a written report via U.S. mail to the following address: 

Office of Internal Audit
36 Court Street - Room 411
Springfield, MA 01103

We strongly encourage you to provide as much detail as possible in your correspondence so we are better able to investigate your concerns. If you elect to leave a voicemail message on the hotline or to mail in your tip, please provide a detailed description of the activity you wish to report, the names of the individuals and departments involved, dates and times of the incident, and the location the incident occurred.  In addition, if you are aware of any supporting documentation that may be helpful such as invoice numbers, purchase order numbers, check numbers, etc., please include this information as well.  Finally, if you wish to allow the Office of Internal Audit to contact you, please provide your name, telephone number and e-mail address, along with your preferred method and time for contact.  

If you wish to remain anonymous, you may do so by omitting all personal information from your correspondence.  To the extent permitted by law, the Office of Internal Audit will treat all information as confidential including the identity of persons coming forward to file reports. 

Reports of fraud, waste, or abuse of municipal resources will be prioritized by their materiality to the City and the strength of supporting information provided; reports with immaterial or vague allegations will not be investigated.  

This hotline is to be used for reporting instances of fraud only.  Complaints regarding City services will not be pursued by the Office of Internal Audit.  If you would like to file a departmental complaint, please contact the department directly. 

For further information on what constitutes a reportable offense or how the Office of Internal Audit will process fraud reports, please refer to the frequently asked questions.   

On behalf of the citizens of Springfield, we thank you for your cooperation and interest in the welfare of our City.     

Page last updated:  Wednesday, November 10, 2021 04:28 pm