Springfield City Council

Back Row (L to R) Councilors Malo L. Brown, Tim Allen, Lavar Click-Bruce, Melvin A. Edwards (Vice President), Michael A. Fenton (President), Jose Delgado, Sean Curran, and Victor G. Davlia

Bottom Row (L to R) Councilors Zaida Govan, Maria Perez, Kateri Walsh, Tracye Whitfield and Brian Santaniello

Update as of January 2024

City Council President Michael A. Fenton has announced that the City Council continue to operate under hybrid meeting practices in 2024. All regular City Council meetings will be in-person.

Virtual participation by members of the City Council and the public will remain an option in accordance with the Remote Participation Policy approved by the City Council in July of 2022. Individuals wishing to participate virtually in a hearing or public speak-out should inform the City Council Office in order to receive virtual log-in credentials for the appropriate meeting.

Fully virtual City Council Sub-Committee meetings will continue at the discretion of Committee Chair's while we work to upgrade the Committee Meeting Room to allow for similar hybrid participation. Individuals wishing to participate in a virtual sub-committee meeting should sign up with the City Council Office. 

All hearings and regular City Council Meetings will continue to stream live on Focus Springfield and the Springfield Municipal Meetings YouTube Page, and all sub-committee meetings will continue to be recorded and posted on the Springfield Municipal Meetings YouTube Page.

Page last updated:  Monday, January 22, 2024 11:46 am