Bidding with the City of Springfield Office of Procurement

Invitation For Bids

Under Chapter 30B, the City of Springfield must use competitive sealed bids to procure supplies or services with a value of $25,000 or more. The City will use an Invitation For Bid (IFB) to award a supply or service contract to the responsive and responsible bidder who offers the best price. The objective of the IFB is to obtain the best value by establishing evaluation criteria that will ensure that the City will obtain the quality of supplies or services it needs from a contractor who will perform, as the City requires. Learn more about the IFB process.

Request For Proposals

The RFP process permits the City to weigh the relative merits of proposals submitted by competing offers. The City will award the contract to the bidder submitting the most advantageous proposal, taking into consideration the proposals' relative merits and prices. Unlike the bidding process, the RFP process may not always result in selection of the qualified proposer offering the lowest price. Learn more about the RFP process.

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