Permits Issued by the City Council

Office Hours:

8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday -Friday



Meeting Schedule:

Various Mondays; usually last Monday of each month the council

holds hearings on zone changes and permits in the City Hall

Council Chambers, 7:30 pm. For specific schedule call 787-6170.




Current City Council Members



Description of Board: 

Legislative powers of the city are vested in the City Council, consisting of (9) members elected citywide for two-year terms.



Permits Issued:

Special Permits  

Zone Change




Process for Obtaining Permit(s):

Permit applications can be picked up at City Clerk’s office during normal business hours.



Advertising Requirements:

For Special Permits, legal ad published twice in local newspaper,first ad must be at least 14 days prior to date of public hearing. 

Advertising requirement is paid by the permitee.



Time Frame for Public Hearing:

Within 65 days from the date of filing a completed application.



Time frame for Decision:

No statutory time frame except for Special Permits. For Special Permits: within 90 days following date of the public hearing. Copies of the decision must be filed with the City Clerk office within 14 days of decision.



Appeal Process:

Within 20 days after decision is filed with City Clerk, file appeal in accordance with M.G.L. c. 40A s.17.



Fee Schedule:

See table on following page. 



Applicable Local, State, Federal Statutes

MGL Chapters 40A & 140



Permitting Fees

(Check with department for recent fee amendments) 

Permit/ License


Gas Storage, Initial fee


Gas Storage, Annual renewal

$ 16.50 - $550.00

Open-air parking

$1 per parking space

Service (Gas) and Self-service Station


Zoning Change

$500.00 per application

Special Permits


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