Springfield City Council

Update as of June 1, 2021

City Hall is now open to the public. Please contact one of the staff members listed below for any required assistance. 

City Council President Marcus Williams has determined that for the safety of all, the City Council meetings will remain virtual for the time being. The meetings can be viewed below.

President Williams has provided the following message regarding hearings meetings and public participation:

City Council President Marcus Williams will also be extending resident participation for hearings meetings. The City Council office will manage a sign-up sheet for both proponents and opponents who wish to participate in providing live testimony via Zoom. The City Clerk will provide instructions on how to sign up on each agenda (that can be accessed through the City’s webpage) that includes special permit and/or zone change requests. For any hearings item, there will be a limit of five residents, with each having two minutes to speak. The City Council will also continue to accept testimony via email, letter or voice recording which will be circulated to all Council members prior the hearings.

Public speakout begins at 6:30PM before each regularly scheduled meeting.  Any party interested in participating in public speakout please click here to register. A zoom link will be provided after signing up.

Beginning February 22, 2021, the meeting time has changed to 7:00PM with public speakout beginning at 6:30PM

Upcoming City Council Meetings: 

June 7, 2021-7:00 PM Regular Meeting

June 14, 2021 -7:00 PM Regular Meeting

June 28, 2021-7:00 PM Hearings Meeting

July 19, 2021-7:00PM Regular Meeting

August 16, 2021-Hearings Meeting 


Susan Kacoyannakis, skacoyannakis@springfieldcityhall.com

Kelley Mickiewicz, kmickiewicz@springfieldcityhall.com

 Office Phone number

 (413) 787-6170

 Office Hours

 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday


Please click here to view the Springfield Ward Map.


City Council Members

At-Large Councilors Ward Councilors

Tracye Whitfield, Vice President                          

122 Cuff Avenue, 01104

Phone: 285-2163               

email:  twhitfield@springfieldcityhall.com

(1) Gumersindo Gomez                          

46 Laurel Street, 01107

Phone: 883-4508                 

email: sgtgomez@aol.com


Justin Hurst            

1746 Parker Street, 01128

Phone: 374-5844                  

email: jhurst@springfieldcityhall.com


(2) Michael A. Fenton                    

210 Atwater Road, 01107

Phone: 787-6170                 

email: mfenton@springfieldcityhall.com


Sean Curran

470 Carew Street, 01108

Phone: 787-6170              

email: Scurran@springfieldcityhall.com


(3) Melvin A. Edwards

20 Dexter Street, 01105

Phone: 348-8036

email: melvinspeaks@msn.com

Kateri Walsh                             

42 Magnolia Terrace, 01108

Phone: 781-8042                  

email:  kwalsh@springfieldcityhall.com 


(4) Malo Brown                    

888 State Street #44, 01109

Phone: 316-4743                              

email: malomiajane@yahoo.com


Jesse Lederman

1090 Worthington St, 01109

Phone:  285-3041

email:   jlederman@springfieldcityhall.com


(5) Marcus Williams, President

342A Boston Rd, 01109

Phone: 222-8673                  

email: Marcusjw88@gmail.com



(6) Victor Davila        

71 East Alvord Street, 01108

Phone: 297-8614                             

email: Vdavila@springfieldcityhall.com



(7) Timothy C. Allen                    

141 Newton Road, 01118

Home: 427-4650                 

email: timallen1951@hotmail.com



(8) Orlando Ramos

13 Woodrow Street, 01119

Home: 221-3556               

email: oramos108@aol.com

City Council Meetings, Agendas and Minutes - search or browse expanded documentation and coverage of meetings of the full council and subcommittees, starting from October 2013. Meeting notices continue to be posted to the city calendar as well.


Archive of agendas and notes from City Council meetings 2007 - 2013


Taxpayer's Monthly Statement

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