2016 Paved Streets

2016 Paved Streets
Street Paving Limits Begin Paving Limits End Street Type
*         Abbott St. Plumtree Rd. Sumner Ave. Arterial
Acton St. I.O. Ludlow Ave. Wilbraham Line Residential
Benton St. State St. Wilbraham Rd. Arterial
Bircham St. Page Blvd. Worcester St. Residential
*     Boston Rd. State St. Bay St. Arterial
Brickett St. Harvey St. Curtis St. Residential
Butternut St. Fair Oak Rd. Sierra Vista Rd. Residential
Crown St. White St. E'ly 500' Residential
Calhoun St. Main St. Chestnut St. Arterial
Dayton St. Plumtree Rd. Sumner Ave. Residential
Eastland St. Silas St. Berkshire Ave. Residential
Elwood St. Dickinson St. Trafton Rd. Residential
Feltham Rd. Louis St. Newhouse St. Residential
Front St. Worcester St. Oak St. Arterial
Glencoe St. Carew St. Mellon St. Residential
*    Harkness Ave. Sumner Ave. Gifford St. Arterial
Kerry Dr. Holcomb Rd. S'ly 1628' Residential
Leatherleaf Circle Leatherleaf Dr. E'ly 515' Residential
Lucerne Rd. Boston Rd. North Branch Pkwy. Residential
Ludlow Ave. Main St. I.O. Rapulas St. Arterial
Lyman St. Chestnut St. Spring St. Arterial
Main St. I.O. Enfield St. Parker St. Arterial
Merrick Ave. Lebanon St. King St. Residential
Park Forest Rd. Newhouse St. Feltham Rd. Residential
Pembroke Circle Vadnais St. Vadnais St. Residential
Talcott Rd. Plainfield St. Fisk Ave. Residential
Telbar St. Parker St. Bartels St. Residential
Trafton Rd. Dickinson St. Olmstead Dr. N'ly Arterial
Vermont St. White St. Pomona St.  Residential
All streets on the list have a 3 year moratorium, except if there is an asterisk
*  5 year moratorium
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