Cottage St & Berkshire Ave

The The City of Springfield has been involved in reviewing the operations of the Cottage St. and Berkshire Avenue intersection since late 2013. The City has determined that this existing un-signalized intersection is in need of improvement and will most likely require the installation of a traffic signal.  Roughly 100’ south of the intersection on Berkshire Ave. is an existing signalized intersection and Harvey St.  The City seeks to eventually have these two intersections operating as efficiently and safely as possible, especially during peak traffic periods as their traffic patterns are uniquely intertwined.

In the recent months, the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) has been working with the City on the development of a new bus maintenance / storage facility that will be located on Cottage St. opposite Brookdale Ave.  The increase in traffic due to the proposed PVTA project, in conjunction with existing traffic volumes prompted the City to take action to address these intersections through a formal traffic engineering planning and design process.

 Cottage St & Berkshire Ave Traffic planning and Intersection Improvements

Concept Plan

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