DPW Weekly Roadway Construction Updates

Weeks of November 21 – December 2


Banner St. from Main St. I.O. to Lowe St. – Paving tentative 11/29

Birchland St. from Wilbraham rd. to North Rd. – Paving tentative 11/23

Brooks St. from Fenwick St. to Lakeside St. – Utility work, Paving tentative 12/2

Dutchess St. from Marine St. E’ly to Senator St. – Paving tentative 11/22 – 11/23

Edgewood St. from Bay St. to Acorn St. – Utility work

Elizabeth St. from Rollins St. to Berkshire Ave. – Paving tentative 12/1

Hayden St. from Hayden Ally to State St.  – Utility work

Hillcrest St. from Riverton Rd. to 200 N’ly – Paving tentative 11/30

Hope St. from Wallace St. to Slater Ave. – Paving tentative 11/29

Ina St. from Fenwick St. to Lakeside St. – Utility work, Paving tentative 12/2

Ivanhoe St. from State St. to Nokomis St. – Paving tentative 11/30

Jennings St. from Methuen St. to Newfield St. – Paving tentative 11/29

Lively Lane from Leatherleaf to E’ly 305’ – Paving tentative 11/22

Lloyd Ave. from Boston rd. 350’ S’ly of Wisteria St. – Paving tentative 11/28

Newfield Rd. from Almira Rd. to Jennings St. – Paving tentative 11/30

Prince St. from Ling St. to Lebanon St. – Utility work

Ralph St. from Berkshire Ave. to Merritt St. – Paving tentative 12/1

Ranch Lane from White Oak St. to Woodcrest Rd. – Paving tentative 11/22

State St. Terr. From State St. to Shattuck St. – Utility work

Wrentham Rd. from Grayson Dr. to Hamilton St. – Paving tentative 11/28

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