City of Springfield Safety Action Plan for Safe Streets and Roads for All

The City of Springfield Department of Public Works, in partnership with MassDOT and their consultant, Kittelson & Associates, is applying to the Federal Government under the “Safe Streets and Road for All” (SS4A) grant program.

As part of the Application package being submitted to the Federal Government, the Team was required to develop a Citywide Safety Action Plan that will be submitted as part of our application.

The Safety Action Plan Document is the backbone for the development of the individual projects to be addressed around the City.  Federal Government under the SS4A program requests over $18 million and is aimed at addressing safety issues at intersections and along corridors within the City. The application proposes improvements such as curb bump-outs, raised crosswalks, increased signage, improved pedestrian crossings at signalized and unsignalized intersection, traffic signal visibility, lane narrowing, road diets, etc.

DPW Director Christopher Cignoli, P.E. says “that this is a very unique opportunity presented to us by MassDOT to partner on a major safety campaign in the City. Historically, addressing safety issues at the State and Federal level consisted of initiating major construction projects that took a significant amount of time and money to initiate.  This program will better target specific locations without having to initiate a major construction project that can be designed and

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