Berkshire Ave. & Bay St

The intersection of Berkshire Ave. and Bay St is made up of two major corridors that to connect key destinations in the City of Springfield, such as Central High School, John F Kennedy Middle School, the US Post Office Distribution Center, among other businesses. From a regional perspective, intersection improvements are being sought to improve safety, reduce congestion and improve operations at the intersection which connections to other major roadways (such as Roosevelt Avenue, State Street, Boston Road, etc.) which intern connect to regional roadways (such as I-91, Route 20, I-291, etc.).

 This intersection has been identified as a high crash location by MassDOT on the HSIP Crash Cluster Database and the intersection has averaged almost 12 incidents per year over a three year period. The lack of turn lanes and an outdated traffic signal (all post mounted) has created less than ideal conditions over the years and significant traffic congestion/ queuing. The side street (Bay Street) carriers more traffic than main street (Berkshire Avenue). In addition, Bay Street has limited or no curb reveal and sidewalks are in disrepair in many areas within the anticipated limit of work. Also, there are no striped bike lanes or shoulders within the project limits.

Page last updated:  Thursday, October 13, 2016 07:14 am