The Collector/Treasurer, appointed by the mayor for a three-year term, leads two departments within the Division of Finance of the City of Springfield. 

The Collector's Office prepares tax bills and collects payments of real estate, personal property, and excise taxes as well as trash fees and parking fines. This office also prepares and facilitates the tax-taking of delinquent properties.

The Treasurer's Office manages the financial accounts of the City of Springfield, and invests funds to cover both short-term and long-term debt.  This office has custody of all tax-title foreclosed properties within the City of Springfield, and administers all redemption payments, maintenance, and auctions of those properties.                               

Abandoned Property (Unclaimed Checks)

The Office of the Treasurer now has a searchable database to serve as a notice to owners of checks issued by the City of Springfield which have not been cashed and are deemed abandoned. The database, and the procedure for claiming abandoned property, can be found here:

Abandoned Property Search


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