Properties with Tax Liens

The City of Springfield has placed a lien or is in the process of placing liens on the properties found here for nonpayment of City taxes. (THE CITY IS IN THE PROCESS OF PLACING LIENS ON ALL PROPERTIES THAT HAVE ONE YEAR OF UNPAID TAXES, ALL OTHERS PROPERTIES HAVE LIENS ON THEM)

These records can be searched and browsed in a variety of ways: by owner name, street name, street parcel, or bill number. Street and owner name can be searched for partial matches -- for example, a street search for "spruce" will match all properties on Spruce St., East Spruce St., and Spruceland Ave.

All Tax Title inquires and request for payoff amounts should be submitted to:

Revenue Service LLC

All Tax Title Payments must be sent directly to:

City of Springfield
Treasurer’s Office
36 Court Street
Springfield, MA 01103