Good Neighbor Guide

Playground at Marshall Roy Park in East Springfield

Downtown Farmers market

Springfield hosts the World's Biggest Pancake Breakfast on Main Street annually.

Carribean day observed at City Hall

Pride Station ribbon-cutting

Western Mass Girls Basketball Champions

Springfield volunteers celebrate Arbor Day with new tree belt plantings

Welcome to Cafe Lebanon

At the Quadrangle

Together we can make our city a better place to live and work

This Good Neighbor Handbook outlines ordinances and other laws dealing with the quality of life issues in the City of Springfield. Ordinances have been summarized as simply as possible, and are not the exact language of each ordinance.

General Ordinance or Zoning Ordinance citations have been referenced for those wishing to read the exact text. The agency charged with enforcement of each ordinance has also been listed.

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Ordinance Violations
call 3-1-1 or


Springfield Community Policing

Sector map and contact information

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