Dear Springfield Residents,

The City of Springfield requests your response to the Opioid Recovery Remediation Fund Survey that we’re conducting. This survey is a critical tool in our efforts to address the opioid crisis in Springfield, and I believe that your participation will go a long way in ensuring its success.

The Massachusetts Attorney General's office successfully litigated opioid companies for their role in driving the opioid epidemic and created the Opioid Recovery Remediation Fund (ORRF) to manage these funds. The City of Springfield is going to receive a minimum of $7 million from the ORRF over the next 15 years. This survey will help us decide how to use these funds to solve problems with opioid use. It's an important part of deciding what issues are most important and where the money should go. This is a big chance to make things better for people struggling with and impacted by opioid use.

The survey has been designed to be relatively brief and should only take 10 to 15 minutes. Please take note that the cut-off date for surveys to be submitted to us is July 1st 2024. Your responses to this survey will be kept confidential. The responses will be organized so that no single individual can be identified in the survey analysis and reports. We appreciate your participation in these efforts to address the opioid crisis in Springfield.

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Helen Caulton Harris

Commissioner of Health & Human Services

City of Springfield



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