Dispute Resolution Services

The Mediation Director provides services to citizens to Springfield. Established in 1983, Dispute Resolution Services also provides medical training for organizations and residents of all ages.

The Mediation will provide a non-adversarial problem solving process to resolve a wide variety of community disputes.

Major Initiative

Training community volunteers in mediation skills who then mediate actual cases with the goal of helping the parties reach a written agreement that resolves the dispute and is satisfactory to all. This alternative dispute resolution services is one of the largest in the state, resolving thousands of disputes through mediation with hundreds of successfully trained mediators.

Mediation Services and Training

Conflict Medication:

  • Community Mediation - to the families and neighborhoods of Springfield.
  • School Mediation - helping Springfield schools and their students resolve the growing problem of student conflicts.
  • Referrals - any Springfield resident who is involved in a neighborhood, family, consumer or other type of dispute may use the services.

Training Programs;

  • Mediation services offer a thirty hour Mediation Certification Course and a one day Conflict Management Course.

Contact information

Staff contact information:

Leo Florian, Mediation Director; (413) 787-6482(p); drs.inc@verizon.net






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