Public Health Council

The fifteen-member Public Health Council advises the mayor on health matters. Its chair is appointed by the mayor and serves at the mayor's pleasure. The council elects a vice-chair and a clerk from among its members. Two seats on the Public Health Council are reserved for physicians, six for people earning less than 50 percent of their income from health care, and six for those earning more than 50 percent of their income from health care. The director of the Department of Health and Human Services is also a voting member of the Public Health Council. Members of the council serve for terms of one to three years. The Public Health Council normally meets on the first Thursday of each month at 3:00 p.m. No meetings are held during July and August.

Current Members

Commissioner Helen Caulton-Harris Mayor 3
Physician Dr Paul Nardi Mayor 3
Physician Dr. Jeffrey Scavron Mayor 3
  Mattie Jenkins Mayor 3
  Milta Franco Mayor 3
  Mary Ann Baker Mayor 3
  Jeanne Clancy Mayor 3
  Maria Navarro Mayor 3
  Nellie Maldonado Mayor 3
  Parris Howard Mayor 3
  Edwin Suarez Mayor 3
  Wesley Days Sr. Mayor 3
  Lisa Little Mayor 3
  Ysebel Garcia Mayor 3

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Public Health Council

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