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City of Homes

Pride runs deep in Springfield, which is a diverse City where neighbors work together to make a better community. Springfield is known as the “City of Homes” for its Victorian mansions and collection of unique architecture as well as the multitude of single-family homes constructed for manufacturing workers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Economically and ethnically diverse populations live in the City’s 17 residential neighborhoods. There are also six different historic districts, in which  properties are given architectural protection by the historic commission. In addition to residents volunteering and working side by side with local government to promote a strong sense of neighborhood and community, there are several new initiatives which will make Springfield a very desirable choice in which to live.

Buy Springfield Now

Buy Springfield Now is an initiative out of Mayor Domenic Sarno’s office in the City of Springfield that supports local homeowners and perspective homebuyers. A crucial element of the programming is providing City of Homes knowledge and quality referrals to homeowners, as well as those wishing to become a homeowner. The Buy Springfield Now Initiative has helped hundreds of families purchase homes in Springfield. By using a participating Buy Springfield now vendor and purchasing a home in Springfield, participants will receive a closing costs reduction and information about the best loan programs available in the market. The realtors, vendors, and other real estate professionals that participate in the program are some of the best in the region.


According to Zillow, the median home price in Springfield in 2016 was $138,100, with a positive trend of increasing values. Springfield has long been known as an affordable option for quality housing, getting far more for a buyers dollar per square foot than most communities.

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