ARPA Small Business Assistance Program

The ARPA funded Small Business Assistance Program began in 2021 to provide funding to small businesses that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Since 2021 that City of Springfield has awarded over $5 million dollars to small businesses throughout the city. 

The City of Springfield has recieved approximately 300 small business assistance applications since the opening of the program. This program stopped accepting NEW applications on December 31, 2022.  City staff is continuing to review and process applications submitted prior to the deadline. Questions regarding the program or to obtain an update on a submitted application should be directed to the Office of Planning & Economic Development at (413)787-6020 or

ARPA Small Business Assistance Program Awards

Below is a list of businesses that have been awarded funding through the Small Business Assistance Program:

Business Name  Awarded Funds  Neighborhood
413 Café $20,000.00 Metro Center
413 Multi Service  $5,500.00 Indian Orchard
5 Star Cleaners $75,000.00 Pine point
A Brighter Future Childcare $25,000.00 Indian Orchard
A Cut Above the Rest Inc.  $30,000.00 Metro Center
Acme Auto & Radiator, Inc.  $125,000.00 Upper Hill
Barkaya $125,000.00 Metro Center
Baystate Home Guard, Inc.  $50,000.00 Bay
Beaute Within Inc. $50,000.00 Forest Park
Boulevard Tavern, Inc. $75,000.00 East Springfield
Bumpy's Natural and Organic Foods $75,000.00 East Forest Park
Chabelas Beauty Salon $19,550.00 South End
City Cleaners $75,000.00 Upper Hill
City Jakes Café $75,000.00 Metro Center
Devin Davon $50,000.00 McKnight
Dewey's Jazz Lounge $250,000.00 Metro Center
Exotic Scentsations $50,000.00 Boston Road
Felix's Breakfast and Sandwich Shop, LLC $50,000.00 Metro Center
Fieras Bakery PR $60,000.00 Boston Road
Fresh Cut Barbershop $60,000.00 McKnight
GJG Signs & Digital Signs Corp.  $50,000.00 Metro Center
Golden Heart Home Healthcare, LLC $100,000.00 Metro Center
Gulmohar Hospitality LLC $1,000,000.00 Metro Center
Hanna's Diner & Deli Shoppe $10,000.00 Indian Orchard
Hot Oven Cookies, LLC $60,000.00 Sixteen Acres
Howard Motors of Springfield, Inc.  $100,000.00 Bay
Humming Bird Jamaican Cuisine Restaurant $75,000.00 Forest Park
Imperial Aquatics $10,000.00 Forest Park
Iona's Delectable Delight Catering Service $75,000.00 Indian Orchard
Jackson Security LLC $75,000.00 Upper Hill
JDL Financial $75,000.00 Pine point
JLJ Construction, Inc.  $185,000.00 Pine point
Just B $100,000.00 East Forest Park
Kenia Hair Center $10,000.00 Pine Point
Kingdom Builders Contracting Inc. $200,000.00 Metro Center
L & A Fine Men's Shop  $75,000.00 Metro Center
Liberty's Mediterranean Giant Grinders $10,000.00 Metro Center
Mad Science of Western New England and ART-Ventures for Kids  $50,000.00 Indian Orchard
MGB Inc. DBA Elegant Affairs $22,625.00 Metro Center
Mi Antojito Bakery  $60,000.00 Six Corners
MNM Investments LLC $50,000.00 Pine point
Mom and Rico's Specialty Market $29,000.00 South End
Mundos Barber Shop  $13,100.00 Forest Park
Palate Restaurant  $75,000.00 Boston Road
Pearl Development Group, Inc.  $50,000.00 McKnight
Pena Lopez Auto Repair $75,000.00 South End
Petra Café $100,000.00 Metro Center
Phoenix Records and Tapes Cultural Accessories $30,000.00 Old Hill
Pine Point Variety LLC $10,000.00 Pine Point
Prime-Time Nutrition  $15,000.00 Indian Orchard
Revitalize Superfoods $60,000.00 Metro Center
Russ's Restaurant, LLC $75,000.00 Liberty Heights
Sage Home Builders  $50,000.00 Forest Park
Souper Sweet Sandwich Shop $75,000.00 Forest Park
Superstars Beauty Salon $50,000.00 McKnight
Surdoue Boutiques $25,000.00 Metro Center
The Center After School Program Inc.  $100,000.00 Old Hill
The Final Touch Barber Shop $60,000.00 Old Hill
The Kitchen Catering Company  $50,000.00 Boston Road
Timoteo's Grill $75,000.00 Pine point
Tysons Cuts $60,000.00 Indian Orchard
Urban Gear, Inc.  $35,000.00 Metro Center
Wellspring Harvest Corporation $64,000.00 Indian Orchard
White Lion Brewing Company, LLC $250,000.00 Metro Center
Yaritza Paula $15,000.00 Pine Point


This list will be continuously updated as additional funding is awarded. 

ARPA Small Business Assistance Forms

Below are forms that ARPA Small Business Applicants can use to supplment their application or to respond to additional documentation requests from the City of Springfield:

ARPA Budget Template - Excel Version

ARPA Budget Template - PDF Version

Profit and Loss Statement - Excel Version

Profit and Loss Statement - PDF Version

COVID-19 Relief Funding Disclosure Form - Word Version

COVID-19 Relief Funding Disclosure Form - PDF Version

Completed forms can be emailed to the Office of Planning & Economic Development at 

ARPA Small Business Appeals

Applicants for ARPA funding have the right to request reconsideration of decisions made on their application.  To appeal, send a written notice stating the reason for appeal within 30 days of receiving the City’s decision. The written notice should be sent to the ARPA Small Business Program at 1600 E. Columbus Avenue, Springfield MA  01103 or submitted via email to The appeal will be reviewed by the Chief Development Officer and the Director of Technical Assistance and Compliance, who will provide a response to the applicant in writing.

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