Clean & Redundent Energy

Construction of Baystate Co-Generation Facility Complete

Baystate Health has completed construction of the co-generation facility.  Baystate Health partnered with the City of Springfield, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to obtain the needed funding.  Construction of the facility was funded with a combination of private funds, energy credits and state and federal subsidies.   In the last year the plant produced 75% of Baystate Medical Center's annual energy usage. The plant reduces Baystate's carbon footprint, with an annual reduction of greenhouse gases (CO2e) by 4,507 tons, which equates to 957 passenger vehicles off the road.

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Construction Continues to Progress on Baystate Medical Center Co-Generation Plant

The City has a goal to reduce its' overall energy use and carbon footprint over the next four years.  The City realizes that reaching this goal is only by possible by encouraging institutional resilience in its' businesses and especially in large anchor institutions like Baystate.  As a result of this, the City of Springfield, Baystate Medical Center, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources and HUD have teamed up to fund the construction of a Combined Heating and Power Co-generation (CHP) facility on the Baystate Medical Center Campus.

The installation of the CHP Plant will allow Baystate Medical Center to operate for a minimum of thirty (30) days uninterrupted during a utility crisis.  The new CHP plant will produce 80% of Baystate Health's annual energy consumption.  The CHP Plant will produce 68% of the electricity and 97% of the steam utilized at Baystate.  The project will reduce annual utility costs by a minimum of $1.45 million dollars and will provide an annual reduction of greenhouse gasses by 13,513 tons.

Construction of the CHP is underway and progress is being made steadily.  The City and Baystate anticipate having the CHP fully commissioned by early 2018.

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