City Praises Demolition of Lincoln Hall

On May 21, 2015 Mayor Domenic Sarno and City Officials praised the demolition of the tornado/fire damaged and long blighted building at 158-162 Rifle Street f/k/a Lincoln Hall.

The property was demolished with CDBG-DR funds and pursuant to a Court Order issued by the Western Division Housing Court.  

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Mayor Sarno Announces Beginning CDBG-DR Phase II Demolitions

The City announced the demolition of several buildings included within the second phase of CDBG-DR demolitions.  The demolitions being completed by Associated Building Wreckers of Springfield at 17 Adams Street and 19 Pine Street Court. 

Both properties we impacted by the disaster, remain blighted and  are located within disaster impacted neighborhoods.  The demolition of the properties continues paving the way for redevelopment of the disaster impacted neighborhoods.

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Mayor Announces Beginning of Phase I of CDBG-DR Demolitions (copy 2)

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and City of Springfield Officials appeared at 187 Pine Street in the Six Corners neighborhood to announce the beginning of the first phase of CDBG-DR Demolitions.

"The demolition of these buildings are a priority of our residents and is another part of the concentrated efforts to eliminate blight in our neighborhoods," stated Mayor Domenic J. Sarno.

Two buildings, 43 Stebbins Street and 259 Eastern Avenue, are City owned, tax foreclosed, properties that have been eyesores for several years. 187 Pine Street is a privately owned, court ordered, demolition and is near the on-going redevelopment on Central Street.

Asbestos abatement for 187 Pine Street and 259 Eastern Avenue has been completed by AccuTech Insulation & Contracting, Inc., of Ludlow and demolition will be completed by Arment Trucking, Inc., of Springfield.

Asbestos abatement and demolition for 43 Stebbins Street is being performed by Associated Building Wreckers of Springfield.

The total cost of asbestos abatement and demolition for each site is as follows:

  • 43 Stebbins Street: $32,000.00
  • 259 Eastern Avenue: $21,344.00
  • 187 Pine Street $17,454.00

Environmental oversight of the projects is being performed by Cardno/ATC of West Springfield.

Read the article from The Republican/Masslive.

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