Contract Compliance Unit

The Contract Compliance Unit is a component of the Department of Compliance and Technical Assistance with primary responsibilities to:

  • Administer and enforce the City's equal opportunity contract programs to achieve its desired outcomes by effectuating such programs by making determinations with respect to City agencies and assuring City Contractors, Subcontractors and Candidates seeking or engaged in construction work or City contracts.
  • Monitor requirements of the Responsible Employer Ordinance ("REO");
  • Enforce the City's projects equal employment opportunity goals, in accordance with the contract provisions
  • Assist Contractors, Candidates and Organizations in the implementation and maintenance of Minority employment opportunity goals;
  • Recommend to the Chief Administrator Financial Officer (CAFO) and the REO Committee remedial action or penalties in the event of noncompliance by Contractors
  • Perform such other duties as may be set forth;
  • Serve as liaison between the Purchasing Agent and Using Agencies, and all other departments and agencies that manage Agreements;
  • Engage in onsite monitoring of construction compliance activities; including, but not limited to Commonwealth prevailing wages, Federal Davis-Bacon wages compliance and adherance to Minority, Woman Business Enterprises (MWBE) participation; Springfield resident, minority, woman, and veteran workforce participation as may be required by law; and,
  • Propose regulations pertaining to the administration of the Departments charge.
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