Public Information on the City of Springfield Website

The Commonwealth’s Public Records Law requires that the City respond to all requests for information in a timely fashion, and as such, the City has made many records subject to public disclosure available online which are available for download or printing, free of charge. While not all records have been made available online at this time, the City is continually working to provide as many records as possible through the City’s website. Please see below for a list of links to frequently requested documents and available records.

The Records Access Officer for the City of Springfield is the City Clerk.  If you have any questions about requesting public information please contact 413-787-6443.

Written requests may be submitted via US Mail, hand delivery, facsimile or email to If the records are available in an electronic format, records can be sent via email, which is both cheaper and faster than using the postal service.

For written requests, please mail your request to the following address, making sure to include your name and contact information, such as mailing address, phone number and/or email address, in case the Public Record Custodian needs to contact you:

City of Springfield

City Clerk's Office 

Room 123

36 Court Street

Springfield, MA 01103

If you have questions about the Public Records Law, details may be found on the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s website. The Secretary of the Commonwealth and their appointed Supervisor of Public Records oversees the Public Records Law for the Commonwealth as well as the appeals process should you be aggrieved by the City’s responses to your requests.

Page last updated:  Thursday, August 16, 2018 10:47 pm