Permits Issued by the License Commission


License Commission


City Hall - 36 Court Street Room 204

Director:Alesia H. Days



Public Liaison:

Anna Martinez 


(413) 787-6196





Office Hours:

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm




License Commission





Meeting Schedule:

1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, City Hall Room 220,

5:30 pm




Peter Sygnator, Chairman

Robert Casey 

Denise Kelcey

Jose Claudio

Andrew Cade



Description of Board/Commission:

The License Commission's primary functions are issuance of licenses for the sale of alcoholic beverages and the conduct of hearings on violations of liquor laws. There are five license commissioners. Four of the commissioners are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council for terms that are concurrent with the Mayor's term of office. The fifth commissioner is nominated by a caucus of neighborhood councils, appointed by the Mayor, and confirmed by the City Council. The fifth commissioner's term runs until a replacement is nominated by the caucus.



Permits Issued:

All Alcohol Licenses               

Innkeeper/ Hotel Licenses

Pool/Billiards Licenses                      

Auto Dealer Licenses  

Coin Operated Games

Common Victualler (Restaurant) 

Lodging Houses

Movie Theaters


Taxi and Livery License



Process for Obtaining Permit(s):

Applications are available and fees are paid at the License Commission office.



Advertising Requirements:

For Liquor License, one ad is required 10 days prior to hearing.



Time Frame for Public Hearing:

Not designated by statute, typically within 30 days of receipt of completed application.



Time frame for Decision:

Not designated by statute, typically decision is made at the public



Appeal Process:

Not designated by statute, varies according to permit. Liquor

licenses may be appealed to the ABCC within five days of receipt

of notice.



Fee Schedule:

See table below. 



Applicable Local, State, Federal Statutes

MGL Chapters 138


License Commission Fee Schedule

(Check with department for recent fee amendments)



Auto dealer license

$225.00/new ; $200.00/renewal

Common Victualler

$125.00/new ; $100.00/renewal

Entertainment –Short (Monday-Saturday)

$  50.00

Entertainment –Short (Sunday)


Entertainment –Long (Monday-Saturday)


Entertainment –Long (Sunday)



$200.00 (Renew January 1st)

Lodging House

$  50.00

Movie Theater


Pool Table

$100.00 /1st  $25.00 each additional

Video Games

$100.00 /per game

 Taxi License


Liquor Licenses


All Alcohol - Club


All Alcohol General on Premises (Bar)


All Alcohol Package Store


All Alcohol Restaurants


Beer and Wine- Club

$ 950.00/annually

Beer and Wine General on Premises (Bar)


Inn Holder (All Alcohol license)


Liquor License Application (new, transfer,other changes)

$ 200.00

One Day Beer and Wine

$   75.00

On Day All Alcohol

$  150.00

Small Inn Holder Alcohol License


Wine & Beer Restaurant


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