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Abandoned Property

About Community Nursing

About Inspectional Services

About S.C.O.O.P.

About Section 3

About the Assessors

About the Department

About the Dept.

About the Open Checkbook

About the Tobacco Cessation & Prevention Program

About Us

Absentee Ballot Application by a Family Member Form

Absentee Ballot Application Form


Accessibility Policy

Accident Reports


Action Plans and Amendments

Administration & Finance

Adult Tennis

Affirmative Action


ALERT messages

Animal Control

Animal Control & Adoption

Animal Resources


Animal Shelter Philosophies

Applicant Data Form Submission

Applicant Demographics Form

Application Submitted

Apply for Certification


April 2, 2012 Meeting Notes

April 4, 2011 Meeting Notes

April 23, 2012 Meeting Notes

April 23, 2013 Meeting Notes

April 30, 2012 Meeting Notes

April 2014 - Terminal Building Work and Terrazzo Floors

April 2015 - General Site Views

April 2016 - General Site Views

Aquatics FAQ

Aquatics Staff

Are there discounts from the fee?

Arrest Log


Arterial Roadway Reconstruction Project

Arts and Entertainment in Springfield

Arts In Action

Ask a Trash Fee Question

Ask a Zoning Question

Assessment Form


Assessors Database Lookups

Assistance for Home Buyers

Assistant Financial Accountant


Audit (Internal)

August/September 2017 - Welcome to Union Station

August 2012 Construction Photos

August 2013 - General Site Photos

August 2014 - General Site Photos

August 2015 - General Site Views

August 2016 - General Site Views

Available Solicitations

Awards and Recognition

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Cadet Training Program



Call Center Statistics

Camera Registration

Camp Star/Angelina Pool

Camp STAR Angelina Summer Camps

Camp STAR Angelina Universal Master Plan

Can I add the trash fee payment to my bank's existing real estate escrow account?

Can I deduct this fee from my taxes?

Can I get a prorated bill?

Can I have the trash bill sent to a third party, who is not the primary owner?

Can I pay the trash fee quarterly or set up a payment plan?

Can I re-join the city trash program after I leave it?

Can I return any unwanted or unused containers?

Can I schedule the trash fee payment through an automated debit to my bank?

Capital Asset Construction

Capital Assets

Casino Information

Casino Proposals

Casino RFQ Archive


CDBG Disaster Recovery (DR)

Central High School

Central St

Certified Businesses

Check Voter Status

Chestnut Accelerated Middle School

Chestnut Jr. High Re-Use

Citizen Participation Plans

Citizen Police Academy Courses

Citizens Police Academy

Citizens with Disabilities

City Clerk

City Clerk Forms

City Comptroller

City Council

City Council Meeting Agendas & Notes

City Events Calendar

City Information

City of Firsts

City of Homes

City of Innovation

City of Knowledge

City of Springfield Homepage

City of Springfield Management Letters

City Permits Matrix

Clodo Concepcion Center

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Website Index

Code Violations Lookup


Comision Electoral

Commerce High School


Community Development

Community Involvement

Community Nursing

Community Nursing Programs

Community Police Hearing Board

Community Policing

Community Preservation

Community Services

Compliments or Complaints

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

Comptroller Accounts Payable Policy

Computer Learning Center

Computer Learning Center, Activities

Comunicarse con la Oficina de Elecciones


Conservation Commission

Conservation Commission Permitting Guide

Consumer Information



Contact DPW

Contact Information

Contact the Assessors

Contact the Comptroller

Contact the Elections Office

Contact Us

Cordwood for the Fireplace

Cottage St and Berkshire Ave

Council On Aging

Court Square

Court Square Area Photos

CP History, part 1 movie

CP History, part 2 movie

CP History, part 3 movie

CP History, part 4 movie

CP History, part 5 movie

CP History, part 6 movie

CP History, part 7 movie

CP History, part 8 movie

CP History, part 9 movie

CP History, part 10 movie

CP History, part 11 movie

CP History, part 12 movie

Crime Information

Cyr Arena

C�mo Inscribirse Para Votar

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Main Street Improvement Project


Major Crimes

Mapa Electoral

Map Details

Map of Available Parcels

Map of City Offices

Maps & Directions

Marble St

March 1, 2010 Meeting Notes

March 1, 2016 Presidential Primary Election

March 7, 2011 Meeting Agenda and Notes

March 12, 2013 Meeting Notes

March 19, 2012 Meeting Notes

March 2015 - General Site Views

March 2015 - Interior Before and Afters

March 2016 - General Site Views

Marketplace Login

Marriage Licenses

Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Services

Massachusetts Multi-City Young Children’s Mental Health System of Care (SOC) Project

Mass In Motion

Master Mechanic ASE

Maternal-Child Health

May-July 2013 Construction Photos

May 1, 2013 Meeting Notes

May 2, 2011 Meeting Notes

May 7, 2012 Meeting Notes

May 16, 2011 Meeting Notes

May 21, 2012 Meeting Notes

May 23, 2011 Meeting Notes

May 2015 - General Site Views

May 2016 - General Site Views

Mayor's Executive Orders

Mayor's Office

Mayor's Reports

Mayor Sarno's Message

Mayor Sarno's Staff

McKnight Community Trail

Measurement Tables

Medical & Recreational Marijuana

Medical Marijuana RFP

Memorial Day Ceremony 2016

Men of Color Health Awareness (MOCHA)

Message Cannot Be Sent

Message Sent

Message sent

MGM Opening

Mgmt & Budget (OMB)

Milton Bradley Elementary School

Minutes and Executive Orders of the Financial Control Board

MLS Listings

More about River Walk

Motor Vehicle Excise FAQ

Motor Vehicles

Munckin Tennis

Municipal Trash Service Information


My payment did not show on the bill.

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P.E.A.T. (Prevention, Education and Awareness Team)

Page links

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Parcel 7-Chicopee River Business Park

Parcel Detail

Parcel Search

Park Commission

Parker Street Bridge

Park Facilities

Park Fees

Parking Bans

Parking Information

Park Rangers

Park Rules


Parks & Recreation

Parks Facilities and Use

Parks Site Index

Past Elections

Pavement Management


Pay City Taxes, Fees & Tickets Online

Pay City Taxes Online

Pearl Street Condos

Peddler's Licensing

Peddlers License

Performance Food Service Group

Permit Matrix (print version)


Permits & Fees

Permits & Forms

Permits & Inspections

Permits and Inspections

Permits Issued by DPW

Permits Issued by the City Clerk

Permits Issued by the City Council

Permits Issued by the Zoning Board of Appeals

Permitting Guides

Personal Property FAQ

Personal Property Tax FAQ


Personnel Board

Personnel Dept. Home

Photo Galleries

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery: EW Park

Photo Gallery: South End Main Street Construction

Photo Gallery: South End Walking Tour and Press Event on 10-8-10

Photography & Video

Photo Lab

Pinevale Street Demolition


Planning & Economic Devel.

Planning Board

Planning Board Permitting Guide

Planning Index

Plan Submission Requirements

Planting Trees

Police Dept

Police Dept.

Police Officer Training Program

Police Reports

Policy Manuals

Polling Locations

Pool Locations

Pool Permits

Pools - Aquatics

Pools Hours

preguntas m�s frecuentes sobre la inscripci�n de electores

Prior Year Plans and Notices

Privacy Policy

Private Way Conversion


Procurement Documents, Policies and Procedures

Procurement Notices and Awards

Project & Economic Development Resources

Project Archive

Project Developers

Project Update Archive

Project Updates

Proof of Residence

Properties with Tax Liens

Property Detail

Property Tax History

Property Valuations

Proposer's Questions to City's RFP/RFQ

Pruning Trees

Public Health Council

Public Information

Public Meetings Calendar

Public Notices

Public Peace and Welfare

Purchasing City-Owned Property

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Salvation Army

Sample Ballots for the 2009 Municipal Election

School Building Commission

School Committee

School Dept. Employment Opportunities


Science & Technology High School

SCSEP Program


Search or Browse for Properties

Section 3- Local Jobs Initiative


Sector A meetings

Sector B meetings

Sector C meetings

Sector D meetings

Sector E meetings

Sector F meetings

Sector G meetings

Sector H meetings

Sector I meetings

Sectors A-D, and G

Sectors E & F

Sectors H & I

Security Alarm Registration

SEFA Reports

Senior Building Inspector

Senior Center Menu

Senior Center Menu v2

Senior Centers

Senior Clerk Typist

Senior Savings Guide

Seniors Calendar

Sept. 8, 2015 Primary

Sept. 12, 2011 Meeting Notes

Sept. 19, 2017 Results

September 8, 2016 State Primary Election

September 20, 2010 Meeting Notes

September 2015 - General Site Views

September 2016 - General Site Views

Services for Residents

Sex Offenders Registry

Shade Trees

Shannon Community Safety Initiative

Shannon CSI/ SSYI agencies

Shopping Retail Outlets

Shopping Tips

Sidewalk/Curb Complaint Form

Sidewalk Application

Sidewalk Construction Project

Significant Trees

Sign Maintenance

Single Stream Dos and Don'ts

Single Stream FAQ

Single Stream Recycling

Site Information

Site Map

Six Corners

Small Business Assistance

Smoke-Free Workplace

Snow & Ice

Snow Tracking using GIS

Social Events

Social Intro

Solicitud para Votar en Ausencia

Solicitud para voto en ausencia a trav�s de un familiar

Sorry, your message cannot be sent

South End Community Center

South End Revitalization Coalition Website

South End Revitalization Project


Spam Response

SPD Community Calendar

SPD Photographs

Special Programs

Special Victims Unit

Sports Leagues

Springfield Archival Documents

Springfield Boys and Girls Club

Springfield Casino Site Committee

Springfield College Wellness Center / Field House

Springfield Demographics

Springfield Fire Dept. History

Springfield Food Policy Council

Springfield Housing Authority

Springfield Meals Tax

Springfield Police Department

Springfield Public Forum

Springfield Redevelopment Authority

Springfield Retirement Board

Springfield Smith and Wesson Industrial Park

Springfield Union Station

Springfield Union Station: A Look Back

Springfield Union Station Links

Springfield Union Station Memories

Springfield Union Station News

Springfield Union Station Photo Gallery


Staff Liaisons for City Permits

Standard Filter Room Equipment

State & Federal Permits

State Requirements

State Street Article

State Street Corridor

Station 1: Worthington St.

Station 3: White St

Station 5: Odessa St.

Station 8: Mason Square

Station 9: Carew St.

Station 10: Main St.

Station 12: Parker St.

Station 16: Massreco St.


Storm Water

Strategic Impact Unit - Narcotics & Vice

Street & Traffic Services

Street & Trench Permits

Street Gangs

Street Lighting/Traffic Signals

Streets, Sidewalks & Public Places

Street Services

Street Sweeping

Stretch Energy Code


Substance Abuse Prevention Collaborative

Substance Abuse Prevention Services

Substitute Library Staff

Support Services Division

S�guenos en los Medios de Comunicaci�n Social

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