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Phil Dromey Deputy Director of Planning

Scott Hanson Principal Planner

Alvin Allen Senior Planner

Jason Mann GIS Manager

Kevin Chaffee Natural Resources Manager


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Draft copy of proposed Adult Use Marijuana Establishment Zoning Regulations

Adult Use Marijuana Establishment Draft Mapping:

Map #1: Identifies all zoning districts in which Adult Use Marijuana Establishments are proposed to be allowed

Map #2: Shows the 500 foot buffer from schools (please note that this map is based on 2016 schools, any schools that have opened after this point may not be identified on this map).

Map #3: Shows the 500 foot buffer from schools as well as the proposed 500 foot buffer from residential districts (allowed locations would have to fall into an area not located within the pink colored buffer)

Map #4: Shows the 500 foot buffer from schools as well as a 250 foot buffer from residential districts.

Map #5: Identifies potential locations using the language suggested in the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission model regulations not allowing an Adult Use Marijuana Establishment "...which abuts a residential use or a residential district". 

***Please note that these maps are for discussion purposes only and are being provided to give a general idea of where these proposed uses may or may not be able to be located.  A more detailed review will need to be completed once final regulations are approved and a specific location is identified***

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