About Us

The Springfield Redevelopment Authority is a corporate and political body established by the City of Springfield on June 24, 1960. Over the past fifty years, the Springfield Redevelopment Authority has been a key component in keeping the City of Springfield a vital place. Through broad development powers afforded by Section 46 of Chapter 121B, the Springfield Redevelopment Authority buys and sells property, acquires property through eminent domain, and constructs, finances and maintains properties throughout the City. The five member board is comprised of four Mayoral appointments and a Governor appointment. Since its creation 50 years ago, the Springfield Redevelopment Authority has been involved in more than 35 Urban Renewal Plans throughout the City.

Board Members
Armando Feliciano - Chairperson
Dot Lortie - Vice Chair
Margaret Boyle - Secretary
Cheryl Stanley - Treasurer
Fiore Grassetti - At Large

Executive Director
Amanda R. Pham

Deputy Director
Christopher Fraser

General Counsel
Thomas D. Moore

Mission Statement

The Springfield Redevelopment Authority serves the City of Springfield, using its resources to aid Economic Development for its residents:

  1. Help restore blighted properties, improving the quality of life in city neighborhoods while improving the tax base within Springfield.
  2. Improve economic conditions in the city by:
  • Supporting projects that encourage employment opportunities for Springfield residents with emphasis on women, minorities, and veterans
  • Overseeing programs providing assistance to lower-income families
  • Fostering a supportive environment for small-, woman-, and minority-owned businesses

       3. Support meaningful economic development activities throughout the city with open and transparent                   governance.

The Authority has adopted a resolution to promote job creation for Springfield residents, in the area of construction, as well as permanent business employment at all of the parcels disposed for development by the Authority.

Subject to the approval of the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development, and the limited powers granted to urban renewal agencies in the Commonwealth under Massachusetts General Laws chapter 121B, parties purchasing and developing SRA property will be asked to make best efforts to have every contractor and the end users of the site produce full time employment in the construction and business uses for Springfield residents.

Submissions to the SRA for the sale and development of real property shall contain estimates of construction jobs anticipated to be created. On a quarterly basis, purchasers will submit information stating the percentages of the Springfield residents (with emphasis on women, minority, and veterans) hired on the project. The SRA may publish on its website and in other public venues, the project and its associated job creation information.

The SRA strongly urges redevelopers to utilize woman/minority and small enterprises for their project work and, when possible, will consider these priorities in its disposition decisions.

Adopted May 3, 2016


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