City of Springfield - Active Urban Renewal Plans (URP)

An Urban Renewal Plan (URP) is an application submitted to DHCD by an urban renewal agency. It is a blueprint for decision-making and dictates the allocation of resources and public actions in support of actual redevelopment (e.g., new development, redevelopment of existing sites, expansion of existing uses, reconfiguration of land use, etc.). The Plan spells out the manner and means of renewing a defined area, detailing what will happen and why changes are being proposed for parcels in the project area, and stating what is expected of its partners in the project, e.g. private development interests. Once a Plan is approved, there can be use restrictions on some of the properties within the project boundaries. The Urban Renewal Plans provide the SRA with certain abilities to help attract and facilitate redevelopment projects for economic investment and job creation.

Click on the below image to view maps of the current active Urban Renewal Areas in the City of Springfield.

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