Court Square URP

The Court Square Urban Renewal Plan (CSURP) has been the principal vehicle for assembling land in support of public and private efforts to revitalize Springfield's Central Business District since the 1970’s. The founding purpose of the original CSURP was to create a development parcel for the construction of a public sport and civic center facility on property within the Main Street, Dwight Street and State Street block.

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Court Square URP Amendment #12 DRAFT

This Court Square Urban Renewal Plan (CSURP) Amendment #12 is a consolidation of the original CSURP and Amendments 1 through 11 to streamline the plan and 50+ years of history into a concise, comprehensive, and user-friendly document. Amendment 12 also updates the plan to more current needs and standards, adding new relevant objectives, actions, and guidelines from the recently completed Implementation Blueprint Phase One Master Development Plan, March 2021, and Northeast Downtown Development Plan, October 2021. These 2021 plans advance many of the objectives of the CSURP and add objectives and actions relevant to current conditions, market demands and the City’s long-term vision for downtown. As a result, the CSURP Amendment 12 provides a vision and strategic action plan to facilitate the continued improvements and urban renewal successes in downtown Springfield. 

The CSURP Amendment#12 received approval from Springfield City Council on October 17th, the SRA Board on November 2nd, and DHCD on November 28th. This plan amendment is currently going through final MEPA approvals.


Download CSURP Amendment #12 here

Presentation from 9/15/22

Presentation from 6/9/22


View the Master Development Plan Implementation Blueprint.

View the Northeast Downtown Master Plan 2021.


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