Housing Development Incentive Program (HDIP)

Market Rate Housing Tax Incentive

The City of Springfield participates in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Housing Development Incentive Program (HDIP), having adopted the program and an approved plan and HD Zone in 2012.  

HDIP provides Gateway Cities with a tool to develop market rate housing while increasing residential growth, expanding diversity of housing stock, supporting economic development, and promoting neighborhood stabilization in designated areas.

The program provides two tax incentives to developers to undertake new construction or substantial rehabilitation of properties for lease or sale as multi-unit market rate residential housing:

  • A local-option real estate tax exemption on all or part of the increased property value resulting from improvements (the increment), and
  • State tax credits for Qualified Project Expenditures (QPEs) that are awarded through a rolling application process.

Find more information on the incentive at the state website here. 

A map of Springfield's HD Zone, the area where HDIP projects are able to be considered, can be found here. 

To get started, the local application from the City of Springfield can be found here. 

The HDIP process requires approval from both the City (Mayor, Springfield City Council) and the State (Department of Housing & Community Development). 

Questions may be directed to the Office of Planning & Economic Development at 413-787-6020. 



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