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The Springfield Community Preservation Committee (SCPC) Announces the 2022 Historic Homes Restoration Program. A Grant Opportunity for Homeowners.

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Application and guidelines to apply for a Historic Homes Restoration Grant are available on the Community Preservation Act webpage: The deadline to apply is June 30, 2022.

The program is open to owner-occupied houses in the following Local Historic Districts:  Quadrangle-Mattoon, Forest Park Heights, McKnight, Maple Hill, Lower Maple, Ridgewood and Colony Hills. The maximum grant is $30,000 per household. The Historic Home Restoration program is supported by the Community Preservation Act (CPA) and the City of Springfield. All funding for this program has been allocated by the Springfield Community Preservation Committee (SCPC).

Eligibility: homes built prior to 1940 and owned & occupied by the applicant for one year prior to the application. The program has limited funds and while this may change in the future, a sliding income scale for eligibility will be used this year. In the case of more applicants than available funding, the applications will be assigned a number and selected via a lottery.

Funding is targeted for exterior projects only including the restoration of original windows and doors, purchase and installation of energy efficient storm windows, restoration of porches, and exterior painting of the property.

The SCPC meets the first Tuesday of the month and remote meetings may be viewed on

For further information about the SCPC or to be placed on the mailing list, please Email: or Telephone 413-530-1268 

The preliminary application is due on June 30, 2022.

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