Lottery Underway for New Gemini Townhomes: deadline June 28, 2024


The City of Springfield has partnered with the North End Housing Initiative and C&C Homes to provide funding for new construction of four new single family homes at the following locations in the Maple-High/Six Corners neighborhood:

  • 251 Central Street
  • 402 Central Street
  • 414 Central Street
  • 271 Pine Street

Each newly constructed home will have three (3) bedrooms and two and a half (2 ½) bathrooms. 414 Central Street and 251 Central Street will have garages.  Each home will be sold for approximately $190,000.  In today's real estate market, this presents an incredible economic opportunity for a family to purchase a home with significant equity from the start. Because of this, the City of Springfield has decided to choose the ultimate purchasers through a lottery system. It is anticipated that construction and sales will be completed by late Autumn 2023. View Mayor Sarno's Press Release


1. All applicants must be first-time homebuyers

2. All applicants must have a household income less than 80% Area Median Income, as detailed below:

  • 1 Person Household - Income may not exceed $55,800
  • 2 Person Household - Income may not exceed $63,800
  • 3 Person Household - Income may not exceed $71,750
  • 4 Person Household - Income may not exceed $79,700 
  • 5 Person Household - Income may not exceed $86,100
  • 6 Person Household - Income may not exceed $92,500
  • 7 Person Household - Income may not exceed $98,850
  • 8 Person Household - Income may not exceed $105,250

2. All applicants must be be pre-approved for a mortgage from a traditional lender in an amount equal or greater than $190,000 and be able to provide proof of pre-approval. 

3. All applicants must be a current Springfield resident and be able to provide proof of residence.

4. Provide documentation that applicant has completed Homebuyer Counseling from a HUD-Certified Housing Counselor that is employed by a HUD Certified housing counseling agency, or is enrolled to participate in a program prior to closing.

5. Final purchaser will need to agree to live in the house for a period of not less than fifteen (15) years. 



APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY 4:30 PM ON AUGUST 25, 2023. You may submit an application two ways:

1. Electronically using this link:


2. In person to the City of Springfield, Office of Housing, 1600 East Columbus Avenue, Springfield, MA 01103



Questions regarding this opportunity should be directed to Jocelyn Rivera-Jimenez in the Office of Housing at 413-787-6500 or 



251 Central Street  (Front Photo) (Rear Photo) (Plans)

402 Central Street (Front Photo) (Rear Photo) (Plans)

414 Central Street (Front Photo) (Rear Photo) (Plans)

271 Pine Street (Front Photo) (Rear Photo) (Plans)



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