Homeowner Emergency Repair Program

The Emergency Repair Program provides funds to income-eligible owner-occupants to pay for the costs of a single item emergency repair to their home. The program is available citywide to homeowners living in properties with 1-4 units.

The program provides a 0% interest deferred-payment loan, forgiven over five years if the owner continues to occupy the home as their principal residence. One-fifth of the loan is forgiven each year. If the owner sells the home or moves to a different primary residence within the five-year time period, payment of the remaining pro-rated loan is required.

An emergency exists if there is an immediate threat to the health and safety of the property's occupants or to the property's structural, electrical, or mechanical integrity. The City's Rehabilitation Specialist will determine whether a particular repair constitues an emergency condition.

Eligible items include, but are not limited to, repair or replacement of all or a portion of the following: roofs; heating systems; electrical or mechanical systems; dangerous steps, landings, and/or porches; handrails or guardrails; plumbing; inadequate flooring; foundation walls or crawl space piers; sump pumps; handicap accessibility; or other urgent code enforcement conditions.

Exterior Home Repair Program applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and funds are provided first-come, first-served. Applicants are considered in order based upon the date their application is complete, including all required documentation.  For additional eligibility information please see the  Emergency Repair Program Information Sheet.

APPLY ONLINE. Click to access the online Emergency Repair Program application.

You can also click for PAPER APPLICATION - print and complete on paper - mail or bring to the Office of Housing

Contact the Office of Housing at (413) 787-6500 for more information.

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