Home Heating & Energy Efficiency

Heating System Repair and Replacement

The Office of Housing, in conjunction with Valley Opportunity Council, offers the Heating Emergency Assistance Retrofit Tasks Weatherization Assistance Program (HEARTWAP) to income-eligible homeowners and renters.  HEARTWAP provides emergency heating system repair; pays for the cost of an annual inspection of a fuel burning system; or pays for the replacement of the system, if needed.  The program is available to homeowners whose household income does not exceed 60% of the area median income. 

Households interested in the program must first contact Valley Opportunity Council. Call VOC at (413) 552-1548.  Once approved, the Office of Housing will coordinate the heating system service.  If you have already been approved for Fuel Assistance by VOC and believe you qualify for the HEARTWAP program you may contact the Office of Housing at (413) 787-6500.

Energy Efficiency and Weatherization

The MassSave program is a collaboration of local utility companies and the commonwealth of Massachusetts incentives, information and loans designed to reducing energy costs for households and business.  To see if the program can help reduce your energy costs, visit the MassSave website.

Springfield Partners for Community Action operates a weatherization program to help low-income households reduce energy costs.  Visit SPCA's website for more information.

Fuel Assistance Referral

Valley Opportunity Council provides assistance with heating costs to income-eligible households. Go to their website for an online application or call at the number below.   

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