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Effective May 6, 2020, the Governor of Massachusetts has ordered individuals to wear face coverings in public settings when you cannot physically separate by 6 feet.

The Commissioner of the City of Springfield Department of Health and Human Services has issued the following regulation regarding the use of mandatory face coverings in the City of Springfield:

Read the Governor's full Order and City of Springfield's Regulation here.

1. Who is covered?

This regulation covers all persons except those under the age of 2 years, or those individuals who have a health condition that prevents wearing a mask, or  where a mask interferes with their breathing.   

2. When and where are face coverings required? 

In general you should wear face coverings in any place which is open to the public, whether indoors or outdoors, when you are unable to or do not maintain a distance of approximately 6 feet from every other person. This includes:

     Waiting in line to go inside a store

     Shopping in a store

     Picking up food at a restaurant

     Waiting for or riding on public transportation

     Riding in a taxi or other ride service vehicles

     Seeking healthcare

     Going to essential businesses whose facilities are allowed to stay open

     When working and performing essential jobs that interact with the public

3. When are face coverings NOT required? 

At home

Swimming, walking, hiking, bicycling, or running by yourself or with household members, unless you are unable to maintain a 6-foot distance from others.  However, you should have a face covering ready and wear it if you come within six feet of others.


Face coverings can be made of cloth. Homemade coverings, bandanas, and scarves that fully cover the mouth and nose. There are many outlets selling face coverings. Face coverings can be made at home at little or no cost. 

Medical grade masks such as N95 masks should be saved for Healthcare workers and first responders.


Require their employees, contractors, owners and volunteers to wear a face covering at the workplace and when performing work off-site

Inform customers about the need to wear a face covering, including posting signs and advising those waiting in line or in the store. It is recommended that at a minimum signs be posted in English and Spanish.

Shall refuse service to anyone not wearing a face covering who is not exempt from the Order or this Regulation.  


Everyone should help protect others by following the orders and guidance of State and local governments and public health officials.  

Law enforcement and public health officials cannot be expected to make sure individuals wear face coverings in places open to the public, whether indoors or outdoors.  But if you don’t wear one you can be cited.

Violations of the Governor's Order, or Dept. of Public Health guidance, may result in a civil fine of up to $300 per violation, per person.  The Commissioner of Health and Human Services has designated the Springfield Police Department sworn officers as the agents of the Board of Health for purposes of assisting with the enforcement of the Order and this Regulation, pursuant to MGL c. 111, sec. 30.  


This Regulation shall be in effect from May 6, 2020, for the duration of the Governor's Order #31 requiring face coverings in public places, or until rescinded by the Commissioner of Health and Human Services, whichever happens last. 






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