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Mayor Sarno Welcomes Delegation of Educators from Atlanta

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno welcomed a group from the City of Atlanta, Georgia today to discuss the educational model and foundations to enhance the quality of learning at the Springfield Empowerment Zone. Individuals from the group included fellows, parents, founders of non-profits, educators and former educators.

Mayor Sarno states, “It was great to welcome and talk to the group of educators and community members from Atlanta today at our Springfield Empower Zone.  This group had heard about our national recognition and enhancements in education and the quality of learn here in the City of Springfield and wanted to learn more about finding new solutions and approaches to their public school system.  Superintendent Dan Warwick and I, along with our dedicated SPS staff, teachers and community, have made tremendous strides in enhancing, improving and growing our Springfield Public Schools system through a wide variety of programs and initiatives, including the Springfield Empowerment Zone.  Our graduation rates have drastically increased from just over 50% to now at 86%, and our dropout rate has decreased significantly from nearly 14% to now around just over 3%.  There is more work to be done and my administration is committed to working with all of our community stakeholders, including the Empowerment Zone’s Co-Executive Directors Matthew Brunell and Colleen Curran, Board Chair Chris Gabrieli, staff, teachers and parents to provide our students with the best possible learning experience they can receive so that they can excel at all of their future endeavors.” 

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