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Mayor Sarno Brings Greetings at the Mass Building Trades Unions 105th Annual Convention

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno brought greetings at the Mass Building Trades Unions 105th Annual Convention at MGM Springfield on Monday, March 11.

Mayor Sarno states, “I appreciate our brothers and sisters in Labor from the Massachusetts Building Trades Council for holding their 105th annual convention here in the City of Springfield.  My administration has supported numerous projects throughout our city, public and private, where our friends in labor have helped to build through Project Labor Agreements.  From building and improving our schools, the 31 Elm Street project, the new Civic Center Parking Garage, and the many other economic and redevelopment projects, the City of Springfield is proud to support and stand with the leadership of our local labor and trade unions.  I am also appreciative of the apprentice program Labor has with our students at Putnam Vocational Trade School.  My administration is committed to exploring every means possible in which we can to create more of that good four-letter word – ‘JOBS’ and advancing more projects for our friends in Labor.”

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