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Mayor Sarno welcomes Senior Pastor Taylon Lancaster from Third Baptist Church

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and Mayoral Aide Shenell Ford welcomed Senior Pastor Taylon Lancaster from Third Baptist Church today. Pastor Lancaster brought greetings on behalf of the church and shared some of the events, services and programs they have been offering. Pastor Lancaster provided a prayer for the Mayor and Ford, blessing them and our City of Springfield.

Mayor Sarno states, “It was great to welcome Pastor Taylon Lancaster, such a humble and talented young man.  His spiritual leadership at Third Baptist is heartfelt and welcomed.  The church, which is over 155 years old, provides spiritual services for his members and also offers various services and programs in the community.  I remember fondly attending his meet and greet when he was introduced last year.  Thank you, Pastor Lancaster for stopping by and for sharing your kind words and prayers.  A big hello to dear friends and longtime members Anne Edge Battle and dapper Six Corners Eddie Corbin.”

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