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Mayor Sarno thanks 6 Bricks and Bob Patton, Grandson of General Patton and Co-Founder of Green Meadow Cannabis, for Partnership to help Veterans

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno thanked Payton Shubrick and her team at 6 Bricks for their partnership with Green Meadow Cannabis and the family of General George S. Patton, especially grandson Bob Patton, Chairman and Co-Founder of Green Meadow Cannabis based in Southbridge, MA, for their efforts to help our veterans. 6 Bricks and Green Meadows have collaborated to provide help for veterans facing health challenges, both physically and mentally, through a $2,000 donation to Green Meadows and the Patton Alliance for Veterans. 6 Bricks supports Green Meadows affiliated nonprofit, supporting and the Black Veterans Project, among other organizations.

6 Bricks is excited to have created this partnership with Green Meadows. The Patton family has applied a legacy of integrity, quality and responsibility to the production and sale of premium cannabis. This collaboration was born out of a commitment 6 Brick’s has to cannabis being a part of an individual’s wellness routine, which veterans can and have benefited greatly from.

Mayor Sarno states, “This is such a wonderful collaboration to support our veterans.  I am not surprised, as Payton has been great with her involvement with the community, especially in support of our veterans.  This partnership will help our veterans as they deal with any PTSD issues related to their service.  It was also great to meet the Bob Patton, the grandson of the famous World War II General, George S. Patton – ‘Old Blood and Guts’.  We shared some good stories about our families, his in-laws are from region of Calabria, Italy.  He had a good story about visiting a barber shop where the barber, not knowing his family lineage, mentioned how during WWII when he was just a young boy, that US General Patton wouldn’t stop bombing their town.  They had a good laugh but it was also a sober reminder about how close and serious the war was to defeat Hitler.  General Patton’s men would go through a wall for him.”

“One of the important things my family and I have learned about the responsibility of our business to the community is that our local veterans have very special needs. Veterans who served in WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm to Afghanistan, have taught us that we can help them with their visible health issues and their hidden ailments like PTSD,” said Payton Shubrick, Founder and CEO of 6 Bricks.

“We are proud of our family’s heritage, but it is not something we have traded upon in this business. General George S. Patton and General George S. Patton, Jr., my grandfather and father served, fought and commanded troops in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, in eras where the medicinal benefits of cannabis were unknown. We think that they would appreciate what this product could have done for the troops who served with them,” said Robert “Bob” H. Patton, Chairman and Co-Founder of Green Meadows.

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