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Mayor Sarno and City Officials Continue to Highlight Neighborhood Improvement Projects in Old Hill Neighborhood

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, Chief Development Officer (CDO) Tim Sheehan, Director of Disaster Recovery and Compliance Tina Quagliato Sullivan, and city officials highlight the continued neighborhood improvement projects in the Old Hill neighborhood as part of the Sarno Administrations Neighborhood Economic Recovery Fund (NERF).

Upon the recommendation and request from the Old Hill Neighborhood Council, $521,627 was funded for pedestrian/sidewalk upgrades and improvements.  Work included replacement of broken/deteriorated sidewalks, improved signage/line painting, handicapped accessibility, planting of approximately 65 new trees throughout the neighborhood and trimming/pruning of 74 trees that block safe pedestrian/vehicular traffic. 

Mayor Sarno states, “I am proud of my administration’s efforts to support our neighborhood councils and enhance our infrastructure and the quality of life for our residents.  This Neighborhood Economic Recovery Fund follows up on my administrations numerous listening tour sessions and neighborhood walks on how best to use our local allocation of ARPA funds to support these quality of life neighborhood infrastructure projects.  The installation of new sidewalks, shade trees and improved signage and handicap accessibility is important for our residents and local businesses.  I want to thank Barbara Gresham, President of the Old Hill Neighborhood Council and the residents for their efforts and for working with my administration to advance this important neighborhood project.”

The project is a partnership between the Development Services Division, DPW and Forestry Division.  The contractor for the sidewalk installation and pedestrian upgrades is Morais Concrete in Springfield.

Mayor Sarno had allocated $12 million of the city’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding into the NERF program to enhance specific neighborhood improvements and projects upon the recommendations from the neighborhood councils. 

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