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Mayor Sarno Proud Springfield is 1 of 5 Communities Selected Nationwide for Housing Solutions Workshop

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, Chief Development Officer (CDO) Tim Sheehan and Housing Director Geraldine McCafferty are proud to announce that Springfield is one of five communities selected nation-wide to participate in the Housing Solutions Workshop, an initiative led by the New York University Furman Institute Housing Solutions Lab and Abt Associates. This initiative helps small and midsize communities develop and implement comprehensive local housing strategies.

Other cities selected include Georgetown, KY; Jackson, TN; Jefferson City, MO; and Roanoke, VA. Senior officials from key housing agencies and regional partners in these communities will take part in a series of virtual sessions led by prominent housing experts and researchers.

Mayor Sarno states, “Housing continues to be a top priority for my administration.  I want to thank CDO Tim Sheehan and Housing Director Gerry McCafferty for their continued dedicated efforts working with all of our local, private, public and national partners and developers to advance the numerous housing projects and initiatives throughout our City that brings additional housing units, especially a workforce development component, to the regional market.  This is critically important to Springfield and Western Massachusetts.  My administration is committed to meeting the housing needs for our residents but we cannot do this alone.  It is vital that we have local, regional and federal participation and cooperation, which is what this Western Mass Housing Coalition reflects.”

“The Western Mass housing market requires a higher degree of subsidy at all levels, because the underlying market, while growing stronger, does not have the underlying strength compared to other parts of the state.  Additionally, working cooperatively with the state when dealing with huge housing problems, such as Springfield is experiencing with Springfield Gardens and its ownership and poor property management of 1,300 housing units is paramount,” said Mayor Sarno.

“Cities around the country are facing an affordable housing crisis, and it’s more important than ever for local leaders to use strategic, evidence-informed policies to meet their housing policy goals,” said Martha Galvez, Executive Director of the Housing Solutions Lab. “Housing is the lynchpin of so many interconnected challenges facing small and midsize cities, and we’re eager to support this year’s group of innovators.”

National data show dramatic increases in rent and home prices over the last year, while the rental vacancy rate is at its lowest level in almost 40 years. The housing market volatility during the pandemic has been especially daunting for local policy makers. With housing costs continuing to put pressure on renters and prospective homebuyers in small and midsize cities, local governments can benefit from resources and technical assistance to help them navigate these challenges and build housing that meets the needs of residents.

The virtual sessions for the Housing Solutions Workshop runs from October 10th through October 26th, 2023.  Geraldine McCafferty, Director of Housing for the City of Springfield, Denise Jordan, Executive Director for the Springfield Housing Authority, Springfield Redevelopment Authority Director Amanda Pham, Steve Desilets, Building Commissioner for the City of Springfield, Phil Dromey, Deputy Director of Planning for the City of Springfield, and Richard Kingston, Deputy Director for Home City Development, Inc. are scheduled to participate.   

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