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Mayor Sarno and Officials Announces Redevelopment of Calhoun Park - $4 million of ARPA Funding for City Parks Announced & Over $100 million Total Invested in City Parks -

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and Executive Director of Parks, Buildings and Recreation Management (PBRM) Patrick Sullivan joined with City Councilor Maria Perez, State Senator Adam Gomez, School Committee member Joesiah Gonzalez, New North Citizens Council COO Jose Claudio, Chairman of the School Building Commission Norman Roldan and Lisandra Rosario from State Representative Carlos Gonzalez’s Office to announce $834,320 of funding to redevelop Calhoun Park in the North End.

This project is part of an announcement Mayor Sarno, PBRM Director Sullivan, Park Commission Chairperson Jennifer McQuade and Tina Quagliato-Sullivan, Director of Disaster Recovery & Compliance announced that will commit $4 million of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to support improvements at 11 neighborhood parks throughout the city. 

This investment into our city neighborhood parks is part of Mayor Sarno’s all-encompassing and comprehensive process to utilize various funding sources, including ARPA and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), to enhance our neighborhoods.  This was the common feedback from our neighborhood councils and residents when Mayor Sarno and city officials held their citywide listening tour session, meeting with over 40 neighborhood councils and other organizations on how best to enhance our neighborhoods and seek all available funding for these projects. 

Of the $834,320 invested to renovate Calhoun Park, $119,320 of CDBG funding was invested to install the Nancy Lieberman Basketball Court, and an additional $300,000 of CDBG funding and $415,000 of ARPA funding will be invested for renovations that will include a new accessible playground, walking path, picnic tables, handball court and site amenities.  The redevelopment of Calhoun will increase the recreational amenities at the park to provide recreational opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.  Renovations at Calhoun Park will also include landscaping and tree plantings.

The project has been engineered by GZA, GeoEnvironmental, Inc., and will be constructed by Omasta Landscaping.  The public is advised that some areas of Calhoun Park may be closed during construction.  The project is scheduled to be completed by October 2024. 

Additional park improvements projects include:

  • Adams Park:                                 $550,000
  • Barrows Park:                               $420,000
  • Blunt Park:                                    $150,000
  • Calhoun Park:                               $715,000
  • Donna Blake Park:                        $250,000
  • Five Mile Pond:                            $615,000
  • Forest Park:                                   $400,000
  • Jaime Ulloa Park:                          $200,000
  • Kenefick Park:                              $500,000
  • Linda Petrella Park:                      $450,000
  • Pine Street Tree Plantings:            $50,000

Mayor Sarno states, “I am proud of my administration’s efforts in not only maintaining but also enhancing our beautiful neighborhood parks that provide much enjoyment and recreation for our residents and their families.  Growing up, my Rivera was Forest Park and Emerson Wight Parks.  Thanks to Patrick Sullivan and his dedicated team, these projects selected will enhance the quality of life in these neighborhoods.  Recent grant announcements coupled with these projects has resulted in over $100 million dollars in park renovations since I took office, and there is more to be done.  I look forward to continuing to work with our neighborhood councils to further define additional park projects.  I also want to thank Director Sullivan and his team for keeping our splash pads open.  Due to the recent hot weather this week and the investment of splash pads at 21 sites across the city, I thought it was important to keep them open so our residents and families can continue to beat the heat.  These park amenities shows the importance of these projects as they serve the residents throughout the different seasons and brings an important outlet for families to get quality recreation opportunity for their families.” 

Patrick Sullivan, Executive Director DPBRM, stated, “We are grateful for Mayor Sarno’s continued unyielding support and we are so proud of our working relationship with the New North Citizen Council.  They have patiently worked with the Park Department over the past three years in developing this master plan for Calhoun Park and this will result in a beautiful park setting for the families in this neighborhood.  I also want to thank the North End handball players for their input into this master plan.  A special thank you to William and Nancy Ortiz of the New England Handballer Assoc for the maintenance they have provided to these courts and their input into the master plan.  The additional funding from ARPA is welcome news for these parks and we look forward to completing plans and starting these projects by late fall and over the spring season of 2024.  This is a great day for Springfield Parks!”

Park Commission Chairperson Jennifer McQuade said, “The Park Commission is excited for this investment into these 11 neighborhood parks. Our park system has seen a renaissance of improvements and the results have greatly improved the quality of life in our neighborhoods across the city.  Our parks play an important role in the economic development of our city and we are proud to be part of this renaissance.”

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