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Mayor’s Office Welcomes 8-year-old Ciara to Springfield City Hall as part of her Town Hall Project

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno’s Administrative Assistant Mini Marrero, on behalf of Mayor Sarno, joined with Caitlyn Julius, Assistant HR Director, in welcoming Ciara, an 8-year-old girl from Worcester, who has the goal of visiting every town or city hall in Massachusetts as part of her Town Hall Project. Caitlyn took Ciara on a tour of Springfield City Hall and while visiting Mayor Sarno’s Office, Mini Marrero welcomed her and presented her with a special Springfield, MA lapel pin that shows the Municipal Group, a collection of three prominent municipal buildings in the heart of Springfield’s downtown – City Hall, Symphony Hal and the Campanile Clock Tower.

Mayor Sarno states, “Although my busy schedule did not permit me to be at City Hall during her visit, Ciara was in good hands with Assistant HR Director Caitlyn Julius and my Administrative Assistant Mini Marrero.  She was given a tour of our iconic City Hall, which is part of the historic Municipal Group here in downtown Springfield.  One of her stops was right here in my Mayor’s Office where Ms. Marrero, on my behalf, welcomed her and presented her with a special Municipal Group lapel pin for her to remember and document her visit as part of her Town Hall Project.  I want to commend and applaud Ciara and her family for undertaking such a worth while and unique civic project of visiting every town and city hall in our Commonwealth.  These public buildings are all unique and special, serving as the heart of our local governments where our local elected officials serve and the day-to-day business is conducted.  Wishing Ciara all the best and continued success in all of her future endeavors.”     

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