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Mayor Sarno Meets with Springfield College Students Tofael Hossain, Fahim and Springfield College staff member Bill Winslow

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, Chief of Staff Tom Ashe and Mayoral Intern Arianna Miranda met with Springfield College students, Tofael Hossain and Fahim, who are studying Political Science and Computer Science courses, who come from the country of Bangladesh to discuss their interests in the City of Springfield, their journey and today’s political world. Tofael and Fahim connected with Mayor Sarno through Bill Winslow, who has become a leader to the young men since their admissions to Springfield College. They have a great passion for politics and community development here in Springfield and are excited to become more involved in their new communities.

Mayor Sarno states, “I am very impressed by these young men who you can see have a heart for community service. It is always a pleasure to meet young adults who are passionate and interested in politics to give them words of encouragement, advice and wisdom, which will hopefully help them in their future endeavors. I want to thank Springfield College for continuing their international programs that brings such high-quality students to this city.”

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