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Mayor Sarno Issues Call to Action with Uptick of Violence - Totally Unacceptable -

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno following up on his public safety announcement last Friday, issues a call to action in advance to convening a meeting with public safety officials and partners this week to discuss measures of a multifaceted approach to address the recent uptick of violence.

Mayor Sarno states, “Again, I have spoken to Police Superintendent Cheryl Clapprood, State Secretary of Public Safety Terry Reidy, District Attorney Anthony Gulluni, Sheriff Nick Cocchi, as well as Bishop Talbert Swan, President of our NAACP, City Councilor and Chair of Council’s Public Safety Committee Lavar Click-Bruce, and City Councilor Maria Perez, on this recent uptick of violence.  This will be a multi-pronged approach.  First, our public safety officials will continue with street suppression activities.  Second, and just as important, my administration continues to diligently fund numerous proactive outreach programs from our social service agencies, community centers, mental health agencies, re-entry programs with Sheriff Cocchi and ROCA, to street outreach through ‘The Mission’ program headed by Brother Johnnie Muhammad.  Third, expansion of our camera systems.  Fourth, our Courts and some of our judges must hold these repeat violent criminal offenders accountable.  Fifth, continue to press the ownership/management of Springfield Gardens in Housing Court and for their cooperation to curtail this uptick of violence within their property areas.”

“While the investigation continues, my sympathy, thoughts and prayers go out to the affected families, no matter what, a loss of life is always tragic,” Mayor Sarno continued.  “We have suspects, some of which are tied to previous cases.  Once again, our public safety officials are not receiving cooperation from victims and witnesses.  The individuals involved in these crimes, by not being held/incarcerated, not only reoffend but become retaliation targets themselves.  Of note, on my late Saturday evening update call, it was indicated to me that a number of individuals down at our local hospitals were wearing GPS bracelets, which shows this is not a deterrent and that our court system and some of our Judges on why these individuals should be held and not out on our streets and in our neighborhoods.”

“As I stated this past Friday, Police Superintendent Clapprood, our State and Federal partners, and I will be giving an update and continued plan of attack this week.  Also, I look forward to working with Bishop Swan on our continued community outreach efforts too,” said Mayor Sarno.

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