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Mayor Sarno meets with CRRC Officials

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and Chief of Staff Tom Ashe met with senior leadership officials from CRRC MA Corporation today to discuss the company’s continued positive economic development efforts and the significant workforce of good paying jobs with benefits they have created. Many of which include Springfield residents and members of our local building trades. Zhaofu Wang, President of CRRC MA, Haifeng Hong, General Manger, and Bao Yujun, Deputy General Manager for CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles in China, visited with the Mayor and also discussed the stabilization of their operations, their commitment to their Springfield facility, and updating the status of their orders with the MBTA, and the cities of Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

CRRC reported that their workforce is up to 365 employees.  242 of which represent labor from the building trades, with another 16 positions ready to be filled.  This is a significant increase from the original 150 employees that they initially opened with. 

The positive economic spinoff impact is also significant, with over 60 suppliers across 22 states providing goods, services and materials in support of their local operations at their facility in the East Springfield neighborhood. 

Mayor Sarno states, “I want to thank the President Zhaofu Wang, General Manager Haifeng Hong, Deputy General Manger Bao Yujun and the team from CRRC MA for meeting with me and providing an update on their operations.  We had a very good and productive meeting.  I was happy to hear that CRRC continues to be a positive economic development project for our city, creating over 365 good paying jobs for our residents, especially for our brother and sisters in the building trades.  This is all about that good four-letter word – Jobs!  I was also very impressed with the positive economic spinoff effect they have created with local suppliers, even as our nation continues to deal with supply chain issues.  I look forward to hearing more good and positive news from CRRC as they continue to enhance their operations for their clients and expand their operations by creating more of those good paying jobs for our residents.” 

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