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Mayor Sarno Reads Aloud to Pottenger Pre-K Students

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno joined today with Principal Sharonda Hector, Pre-K teacher Ms. Tumeka Bates, para-educator Jennifer Keaney, and the students in pre-k class at Mary O. Pottenger elementary school to read a book together. Mayor Sarno read “The Queen of Kindergarten” to the students and they each shared their favorite color with the Mayor. Mayor Sarno was touched to receive a special thank you card with each students’ handprint from Ms. Gates’ class. Mayor Sarno also popped into to say hello to Mrs. Anne Norton and the fifth graders too.

Mayor Sarno stated, “It is always so inspiring to visit with our students and see how much they love to learn. Thank you to Principal Hector, Ms. Gates, and Ms. Jenn for welcoming me today – we had a blast! This pre-k class is getting ready to head to kindergarten next year so we read a book to help them understand what it might be like when they get there. The student in the book learned to brighten the day with a positive attitude, by being caring and helpful to others, and helped show her new classmate how fun kindergarten can be. Just like the student in the book, I know these students will do great as they matriculate to kindergarten and will continue to help each other out and keep learning.”

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