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Mayor Sarno, PBRM Director Sullivan and Officials Tout Springfield’s Resiliency and Efficiency Updates - Celebrate Springfield’s Environmental Achievements -

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, Executive Director of Parks, Buildings, and Recreation Management (PBRM) Patrick Sullivan, Director of Open Space Peter Krupczak, Assistant Director of Facilities Management Jonathan Carignan and City Forester Alex Sherman joined with officials from Eversource and government partners and area business representatives to announce the vast Green Initiatives accomplishments throughout Springfield over the past twelve years. Environmental projects have included:

  • Energy Upgrades in Municipal and School Buildings
  • Proper Management of Energy Budgets
  • Collaborations with Eversource
  • $93 million Improvements in Parks and Open Space
  • $6 million Forestry Upgrades & Tree Planting Programs
  • Management and Enforcement Action of Illegal Dumping
  • Organic Fertilization of Athletic Fields

Mayor Sarno states, “These improvements, initiatives and programs that my administration has put forward are tremendous and beneficial not only for the environment and for the bottom line of the city.”

(See attached Press Release for more information)

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