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Mayor Sarno speaks with Sacred Heart Church Over 60 Club

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno visited with the Sacred Heart Church Over 60 Club on Friday, April 14th and spoke about the many positive programs, initiatives and developments happening across the city. Mayor Sarno shared that since taking office, the city of Springfield has recovered from financial ruin from the days of the state imposed Financial Control Board to having a healthy reserve in the ‘rainy day’ fund and the highest municipal bond rating in the city’s history which has enabled his administration to put forth numerous quality of life and public safety initiatives along with a capital improvement plan to advance many key economic development and neighborhood projects that will benefit everyone.

Mayor Sarno states, “It is always a pleasure to visit and speak with the Over 60 Club group at our beloved Sacred Heart Church.  We discussed many of the positive programs, initiatives and developments that my administration has undertaken and initiated throughout our city, many of which are ongoing.  Some of them include the traffic light at the entrance to Mercy Hospital, which is just right around the corner from Sacred Heart Church, new schools we have built and numerous renovations to existing schools, ongoing road construction and infrastructure improvements such as the Six Corners Roundabout and the paving of Liberty Street.  Many of our neighborhood parks are getting upgrades including new construction that is currently underway at Duggan Field behind Duggan Academy which will feature a new state-of-the-art athletic field that will be rededicated to longtime Springfield Trade (Putnam) coach Ted Plumb.  We also talked about the continued tax relief initiatives and programs that my administration has provided and shared to try and provide as much relief and assistance for our residents and businesses community as possible, especially during the height of the pandemic where between the federal CARES Act and ARPA funding, we were able to get this federal designated relief out directly to those local small businesses – (many of which were restaurants and were able to survive the pandemic thanks to this funding), nonprofits and households.  It wasn’t always easy and we couldn’t give everyone everything that they wanted, but I am proud of the fact that my administration was the one of the few in the nation, if not the only one to provide these programs and initiatives directly into our community – to our households and local small businesses and nonprofits.”

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