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Mayor Sarno submits Written Testimony before Western Massachusetts Passenger Rail Commission

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno submitted written testimony before the Western Massachusetts Passenger Rail Commission in advance of their public hearing today at Springfield Technical Community College. This is the fourth of six public meetings scheduled by the Commission to receive public input into the design, permit, construction, operation and management of East-West passenger rail service.

In addition to Mayor Sarno’s written testimony, Chief Development Officer (CDO) Tim Sheehan and Springfield Redevelopment Authority (SRA) Executive Director Amanda Pham will be present to provide testimony on behalf of the Mayor and City of Springfield. 

Mayor Sarno stated, “Viable East-West Passenger Rail service that connects Western Massachusetts to Central and Eastern Massachusetts, utilizing our iconic and historic Union Station here in the city of Springfield, will significantly enhance economic development opportunities in the region while also providing a key component that would also connect key rail ports of the North-South rail lines running from Penn Station in New York City, through Union Stations in New Haven, Hartford and Springfield, and into norther Vermont and Canada.”

“Key passenger rail stops along the East-West passenger line would provide a catalyst for economic growth throughout the area.  The iron is hot, and now is the time to strike.  This project would open up a myriad of positive possibilities, including opportunities for economic development, jobs, and housing,” Mayor Sarno continued.   

“I want to also applaud Governor Healey for realizing the potential of this transformational project.  By committing vital funding to support this project as part of her proposed FY24 budget, the Healey-Driscoll Administration is committed to growing our state and local economies, while enhancing our transportation infrastructure so that we have a comparable rail system that is on par with our brother and sisters in Europe and Asia.”

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